Here are a number of ideas to get speed dating

The girls sit at the tables and receive beiges with names and numbers. Men change tables every five-ten minutes after a bell speed dating. In this time people should know each other better and understand if they want to meet again.This way in one evening every participant of the speed date meets with fifteen twenty people. No one is going to be attracted to someone drunk sitting opposite them. Plus you need to be quick with your questions and answers. This won't happen if you've had too much to drink.These speed dating tips will help guide you to more success in your 3 to 8 minutes of dating. That's all the time you have to impress the person sitting opposite you. And if you can't keep them occupied for that amount of time speed dating, and make them stay interested in you then you have no chance of them picking you afterwards. When you live in DC you can always be a tourist because there is so many breathtaking historical sites to visit. Some of the dates I've been on through Speed Dating Washington DC were so fun. I always suggest that my first date with a new man be a sightseeing adventure. But everyone is different. Some prefer a romantic dinner, or meeting at a coffee house. All I can say is don't give up after the first event speed dating. You never know whom you'll eventually click with. It's always good to know upfront if a potential partner has any children. Or brush up on topics that the opposite sex are interested in, and you should keep them happy. The women could learn a bit about their national sport, and put the men to shame. If you can ask a question he stumbles on it should raise a smile, and put some humor into the conversation.